GERTRUD winter coat Dark petrol - Grey



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Something is missing from the grey, cold winter days? COLORS! Bring some cheer to your everydays with the brightly coloured GERTRUD winter coats. With its soft inside and wonderful colours it will keep you cheerful and warm.

Additional information

Material Softshell, Wellsoft
Material outside: 100% polyester / inside: 100% mycropoliester
About the Material

The outer material, Softshell, is a wind and water repelling as well as highly breathable fabric. It is made by bonding three layers of fabric together: the fleecy inner face is warm and soft, which makes the coat more comfortable to wear. While the wind and water stopping membrane layer – due to it’s hightech solution – keeps out precipitation, it still allows for perspiration and water vapor to “breathe” from the garment. The third layer is made of knitted fabric.

Base Color Turquoise