FIOLLA BIKE knee warmer Petrol XS-M




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We have created our FIOLLA knee warmer because of the high demand for it, as many of you have requested it. When cycling in colder weather, our joints are put through a lot and can get cold easily. This knee warmer is a stylish solution to this problem.

Additional information

Material Softshell
Material soft shell: 100% polyester + TPU
Washing and caring While washing softshell please choose a gentle program in 30 degrees. Use liquid washnut or liquid detergent. Never use rinse aid or softener since it damages the water resistance. Do not tumble dry, do not wring, do not iron.
Form and Function

The softshell material protects the knee from wind and rain, and with the added comfort width it does not get in the way when pedalling. We added a light reflecting line to the knee warmer, to help with visibility when biking at night. It can be fastened by elastic bands and snaps, adjusting the size easily.

Base Color Turquoise