FIODA no1.0 Maternity panel DOUBLE-CAR zipper Midnight blue Old





A new member of the family has arrived? As a young mother it is still very important, if not more important than ever, to feel confident and express yourself. Our baby panel helps in this, so you can wear your FIODA coat even with your baby.

Before purchasing, please check your coat's zipper wether it's the older one car zipper or the newer two car zipper model. If you have trouble deciding the zipper type, please contact us before ordering.

Additional information

Material Softshell
Material 100% polyester + TPU
About the Material

Originally developed for sportswear.

Softshell is made with multi-layered textile technology. The layers are bound together with heat press. The inner layer is soft and warm thermo (polar wool), the outer one is densely woven waterproof polyester. In the middle there is a perforated silicone membrane layer that makes the material waterproof and breathable. Does not allow rain to enter from the outside but releases moisture from inside.

Softsell water resistance: 10000 mm/H2O

Breathability: 300g/m2/24

This means the material will not let water through for about one hour in rain. (The length of water resistance can depend on how heavy the rain is. Please note that the seams are not waterproof.)

This coat is perfect between 10-20 degrees without a jumper. If you wear an extra layer it is good till 5-10 degrees.

Washing and caring While washing your softshell items, use 30°C washing program, don't use dryer, bleecher, fabric softener, do not iron or steam iron them.
Base Color Blue