FABIOLA BABY bundle Light blue XS

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3in1 FABIOLA set for mothers.

A new member of the family is on the way? As a young mother it is still very important, if not more so, to feel confident and express yourself. Our FABIOLA bundle for mothers helps with that: a stylish coat you can wear for many years, with two extra panels, so that you can wear the coat even at different stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

Additional information

Material Softshell
Material 100% polyester + TPU
About the Material


Originally developed for sportswear.

Softshell is made with multi-layered textile technology. The layers are bound together with heat press. The inner layer is soft and warm thermo (polar wool), the outer one is densely woven waterproof polyester. In the middle there is a perforated silicone membrane layer that makes the material waterproof and breathable. Does not allow rain to enter from the outside but releases moisture from inside.

Softsell water resistance: 10000 mm/H2O

Breathability: 300g/m2/24

This means the material will not let water through for about one hour in rain. (The length of water resistance can depend on how heavy the rain is. Please note that the seams are not waterproof.)

This coat is perfect between 10-20 degrees without a jumper. If you wear an extra layer it is good till 5-10 degrees.

Washing and caring While washing softshell please choose a gentle program in 30 degrees. Use liquid washnut or liquid detergent. Never use rinse aid or softener since it damages the water resistance. Always wash your coat fully zipped to protect your washing machine’s drum. We recommend low speed spinning after a wash. Ironing is usually not necessary but if it is still needed please use medium temperature with steam and a wet cloth between the iron and the coat. Without using the cloth the iron leaves a burn mark. Do not use a tumble dryer. Leave it out on fresh air instead. If you take it to a laundry service ask for PCE (Perchloroethylene) wash. Never use chemicals or bleach nor impregnating chemical or detergent.
Form and Function

The coat is loose at the waist, but it has a built in elastic band to pull it in if you want it more form fitting. You can find the elastic band in the sleeves also, to help keep you warm. It has double pockets, one that closes with a press stud, where you can keep small treasures, and an open bigger one, that is very comfortable to keep your hands in.

Who should wear it?

The Fabiola coat looks gorgeous on those with curves! We can make the coat fit us perfectly using the elastic band on the waist. The asymmetrical closing gives us a feminine silhouette and makes our waist look smaller.

Brown is a warm basic colour that suits fall types the best. It can be worn with cherry red, orange or a warmer turquoise.

Base Color Blue