Together with specialists from different kind of fields we organize workshops to widen the world, get to know more about field of areas and more about us, get to know more about each other.

We ask specialists around us who are dealing with interesting themes to lead us into their world through practice in a frame of an interactive evening.



On the occasion of Halloween we organized a witch evening: only women between us. We talk about who the witches might have been, whether there are still some of them living, what does woman mean, how we define and live our femininity.

Goodbye Winter!

Goodbye Winter!

At our first session of our Spring Greening workshop, called Goodbye Winter! we discussed the questions of acceptance and release in very familiar atmosphere with the intend to make place for renewing, for new things, views and habits in our life. We explored from what we suffer, and we looked for new views and new ways how we can change and change our life.

At our first ille-olla workshop we have talked about self-confident with the guidance of one of our ambassador, Lili Foki business and life coach (More Light Coaching).

Self-confidence is a question of the belief system: what do I believe about myself, what am I able to do? Self-confidence belongs closely to the love and acceptance of myself. Everything starts with the love of myself.

We have spoken about this and related matters and made some exercise with Lili.


„I got and learned usable practices how I can get rid of my embarrassing habits and thoughts, how I can change and how I can see everything from a different view. Thank you!”


“I had a great time in this female company. The common conversation and work gave me impetus and swung me into action. What I found and I faced with astonished me. After this I will look at my life again with other eyes.”


“Since the beginning of spring the things happen more intensively. The shares of the companions here helped me a lot. They spoke out the key-words, those which are here in me as well, I found myself in these. So they came to surface and I can work with them.”