About Us

The name ille-olla comes from our family name. We are two, we are twins; the same and yet different. Lenke Illéssy – ille – is the designer.  Her dreams design our dresses and coats.  Kata –olla – leads the brand.

We are identical twins. When we were children, Kata dreamed about being a fashion designer.  This dream switched when Lenke started to learn to sew from our great grandma on her old Singer sewing machine.  Lenke was inspired by materials and was excited about what she could bring out and create from them. This curiosity and delight brought her to the University of Fine Arts.  In 2009 she invented the brand: ille-olla. By 2011, the ille-olla style had matured, and since, ille-olla is recognizable by its unique style details.

When Kata was a child, she loved to stand in front of the mirror and try on and create new outfits. Today she is delighted to put together sets and design styles for others. She loves to figure out what suits each individual best.  Also, she likes learning more about business management.

The twins complete each other. Lenke sees the clothes in the material and Kata sees the woman in the clothes, combining these into ille-olla.



There are some changes in our company and our  twin relationship. Come back later to read our story https://ille-olla.hu/hu/oldal/kata-es-az-ille-olla