The ille-olla woman is ageless and is modestly cool.  She is an exciting person who is attractive, adventurous, and self-confident. She is an entrepreneur and is accomplished in each field of her life. She is full of creativity and productivity. She fulfills her dreams. She stands on the bright side of life, because for her life is an endless joy.

Through our chosen stylish details we strive to help women feel like themselves, to feel like women. Through our stylish appearance women are self-assured and poised and will certainly receive a compliment.

There are three ille-olla style details that help achieve the desired hourglass form: a big collar to emphasize your shoulders, an a-symmetric closing to trim your waist, and large pockets to compensate the collar. The desired harmony is achieved with the different size collar and pockets combination.

Bla bla bla :)