What does this year hold?


In my previous post, I wrote about the challenges and changes of 2020.

Continuing with that thought, I looked for two words that will describe 2021.

These two words are not Covid and not Vaccine…


…but Patience and Perseverance.

I chose these two words to lead me, and remind me that dealing with change will come naturally as time passes.

But what do these words mean in my life and the life of ILLE/OLLA?

Because of course I would like everything right now, this very moment, without waiting, and actually, I don’t really “would like”, but “want”. I want new designs, success, good ideas, good experiences, positive feedback, instant realization of everything, conquering the world… and I always leave out time.

I must start with being patient with myself. You probably haven’t realized – especially since I haven’t realized it myself till now – but I have been communicating in plural on social media, emails, sometimes on the personal level, too. Because it was KATA and ME. That was US, as one in ILLE/OLLA, just like in the womb. But Kata left, stepped on a different path. And ILLE/OLLA is no longer us, as in the Illéssy twins, but me, as in Illéssy Lenke. I only became independent and grownup now, at the age of 37. I must learn to talk about myself, instead of ourselves. And this is hard. I need patience, practice and perseverance, to express and stand up for my ideas, thoughts, faith, personality, world – in one word, myself. Because until now Kata was there, who added to, took from, changed and shaped my ideas. Now, everything is my responsibility

Apart from my personal growth – or maybe alongside it – the time has come in the life of ILLE/OLLA to re-brand, re-shape.


 Making use of the January slow season, I dedicated my time to learn, listen and hear my own voice. Since March 2020 everything has changed, not only in my life. The old opportunities are gone, there are new platforms, new habits, a new market, and I need to learn it, test it. I have learned a lot in the past 11 years, but now I must switch to high-speed.

I started to learn English, I took courses on the “Te vagy a brand” (You are the Brand) website and learned to write better captions, build a strategy, grow, and got introduced to the finer details of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, to be able to communicate better with you all and express myself better through text and pictures. So, that through my coats you all might be able to be a part of my world, my values – I will share more details about those this year.

I now have the knowledge to restart. Now comes the strategy and practice. I have long term and big scale goals becoming clearer and clearer in me, and they need courage, strength and persistence. And it takes time. I must focus on the goal, not to get lost in the everyday tasks and lose heart. It is like regular exercise, a diet, preparing for collage or learning a language. If I am not consistent in reaching my goal – e.g. improving my self-image and health – and I don’t envision it – e.g. I’ll be slim and in a glowing spirit – then I will lose sight of my long-term goals in the stumbles of the everydays. Being positive is crucial. Knowing that I can and I will do this. That I will reach my goals with patience and perseverance.


And what are these long-term goals?

-       Designing a new image, logo, visual appearance.

-       Redefine ILLE/OLLA

-       Build an online and offline community (offline as soon as allowed).

o   Organizing workshops – e.g. “Egymás közt”

o   Restart our Ambassador program, introducing “everyday jewells”, people who live inspiring lives

-       Have new services, style, shape and colour consultations to help people learn what style, shape and colour works best for them.

-       It is always a huge challenge for me to start working with a new material, figure out all the technical details. I plan to surprise you all with new coats with new functions this year.

-       Making the most of the internet, I plan to step on new international platforms and markets.


Have you set some goals for yourselves this year? One important thing is to always “count your time” and give yourselves some space.