At the beginning of 2020 we knew this year will bring change. But we did not expect this much.


Exactly a year ago my sister - and business partner of 8 years - Kata and I decided, that 2020 will be a year of change for us. This was somewhat of an understatement, because we already knew and saw the signs of change: a new life, Rózsa was growing inside her. My little niece was born in February. Kata left the bustling city life and moved to their new family home with her husband in Győr. I was left alone in Budapest with the busy everydays of ille/olla, living my family life with 3 children of my own. I believed this would be a temporary situation, and after her maternity leave, maybe in a different role and form, but Kata will return and we will continue building ille/olla together.

Then, in March, CIVID hit. I believe I don't have to go into details in what this meant in all of our lives. This new, unknown, unexpected "enemy" brought a different change: lockdown, distancing, battling fear and anxiety, having to build new survival strategies, change in relationships, development of new habits.


As it turns out, the three-quarter years of COVID were only a time of adaptation compared to the greatest change autumn brought to ille/olla: Kata decided to leave the company for good.

Her decision came out of the blue for me. Something in me shattered, I felt somewhat betrayed, cheated, left behind. I mean, Kata was my partner in this, and she is not simply just my sister, but my twin. That means the bond between us is so strong, we ourselves can hardly believe. Her decision came to me as a shock.

Of course I eventually accepted that she chose a different life for herself. In fact, I didn't only accept it but now I can truly mean it when I say I am grateful and thankful. Kata, thank you so much for everything! I have no words for how grateful I am for you!




"ille/olla is Lenke's "child", she founded, she created it. For the past 8 years, I was like a caretaker while Lenke focused more on her family, her children: Doma (8), Ágó (6) and Blanka (3). Now, as we watched her children grow, so did ille/olla - it became independent, self-sufficient. I must let it go. It can go on without me, I can give it back. It is time to focus on my own personal life."

"I have learned so much through this job: about myself and the world. I came closer to myself and my dreams as I lead the company, built the brand, went to fares, travelled, met customers, folded coats, wrote invoices, had meetings, and the list goes on. And deep down, the world that called me was not the one I was living. Nature was calling me more and more. I realised that the busy, bustling big city life was not for me anymore, I longed for a slower, calmer, more nature focused life. Where I have more time for my family, my child, my little garden, the fruits of nature. This desire could not go together with the kind of big city lifestyle I lived when working with ille/olla."

"Another reason for my decision is that I wish to clean up this strange, unclear, partner-sister relationship I have with Lenke. We can't deny that even if working together had a familiar, good dynamic, it was also a source of tension at times. I think we need to let go of each other to be able to find back to each other again. <3 "

"I am grateful and want to thank everybody who was part of this journey, everyone who's path crossed mine in it. I thank Lenke for trusting me with her "child", and - through joy and hardship - we made it!"


See you all in 2021, in a new way!