Among us live priceless gems, exemplary people whose values, dreams, and energy fulfil them, and
who create and transfer these values to their communities. We launched the ille-olla Ambassador
Program in order to introduce these gems to others.

Suzy Bajusz

marketing expert & sales manager


One person can't change the whole world, but everyone can try it at least

Marika Bodó

editor & anchor


Dare to dream big while trusting in the existence

Anita Farkas (†)

interior designer & gastro blogger & yoga teacher


Live all the moments!


Liljana Foki

life & business coach, tai-chi & yoga teacher


Love is the strongest in the world



Péter Gangel

grounder and leader of the 'Trust Club


Is it a man, who doesn't make the world better?

Jodi Butts



Only one person is able to change a whole society

Nóra Körmendi

phliosopher & writer


If you want something do for it!

Petra Mayer

aromatherapist & cosmetician & masseur


You are who you believe

Patrícia Somogyi

home staging


Create beauty, give pleasure

Bea Válint

scrapbook expert & blogger


By fourty more happy

Eszter Zádory

master hairdresser


Life is constant changing