LENKE ILLÉSSY – owner and designer

“To be honest, I don’t like fashion and I don’t like it when someone calls me a fashion designer. I did not become a clothing designer for fashion. In my teens, I had more serious plans: I wanted to become a minister.

But when I was 15-16, my great-grandmother Kató taught me how to sew using her pedal driven Zinger sewing machine. I immediately fell in love with the trade; I was enchanted by the different materials and tools. The small details, technical and formal solutions kept me up at night. I was captured by the flow and ever since, I become euphoric every time I get to design and make new things.

I love turning a flat material into form, making practical, aesthetic objects, that serve people. This is what’s important to me. Not the capricious, often self-serving fashion. To bring out the beauty and personality of the wearer, help them with the practicality, protect them in their everyday life.

The design of coats makes me the most excited. Their design is technically, ergonomically, aesthetically challenging. I turn great attention to the materials I use, so they are high quality and available in many colors. I play around with the sewing patterns, to make sure I find the lines with the most pleasing look and most comfort.

The greatest pleasure to me is when my customers are happy with the coats I design and they receive positive feedback from their friends or even compliments from strangers on the street. These compliments help build confidence. One’s look is most eye-catching and harmonious when one knows themselves, their basic color and shape, and can highlight their natural beauty with a carefully selected piece of clothing. With my styling advices and services I try to help my customers develop this sense of self.

For me, the coats are only the tools that serve the people.”


I am so grateful and proud of my colleagues,who work hard and with heart to prodce good guality of coats and communicate with you on the social media. 

I will introduce them soon. Come back later please!