We believe that every person is unique, an individual, unrepeatable, and created in the image of God. We live in a beautiful, colorful world, and what makes it especially colorful are the diffent people. Clothing is a great way to express this colorfulness and uniqueness. Our appearance communicates and protects at the same time, the way we look mirrors who we are inside. With our practical coats our goal is to help people find and express their unique personalities through their outward appearance.


ILLE-OLLA, a Hungarian fashion design family business was founded in 2009 by Lenke Illéssy, after she graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design with a degree in clothing design. The name ILLE-OLLA came from the name of the designer (ILléssy LEnke) and the Finnish word for „to be” (OLLA). During her studies Lenke got a scholarship to Finland where she learned about the foundations of practical yet aesthetic design. Her graduation project was maternity clothing, and then started her business with that as the focus. After receiving professional recognition and several awards, in 2011 she widened her range of focus to designing coats using different materials and techniques, which has now become the company’s main profile. Between 2012 and 2020 the designer managed the company together with her twin sister, Kata Illéssy.


Today, the ILLE-OLLA brand can be found at their own showroom and webshop, other designer webshopsHungarian and foreign partners, and national and international design fairs.